Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'4"

Age Range: 40 - 49

Size: 2

Shoe: 7


Vocal Range: 2nd Alto to 2nd Soprano

Hilary G.

  • FILM
    The Push --- Supporting --- Will Joines
    Adrift --- Supporting --- Anthony Zukofsky
    I Heard Her Say --- Supporting Lead --- Karen Teune
    Secret Effect --- Supporting --- Anthoni Styvens/Apex Media
    Bonds of Redemption --- Supporting Lead --- J. Rae Niles/Global Light Films
    The 5 Senses of Fear --- Supporting --- Nick Everhart/ChillerNBC
    Regret --- Day Player --- Kent Moran/WishingWell
    College Musical --- Day Player --- Kurt Schneider/Noodlehouse
    Picture Perfect --- Lead --- Ben Halstead/Festival Wins
    Heart Transplant --- Lead --- Matt Raimo/Briefcase

    Help Yourself --- Recurring --- John Launchi/Running Puma
    WIN --- Series Regular --- Sean Quinn/ Hard 4 Productions
    Montauk Boys --- Series Regular --- Andrew Leitch/Brand Cinema
    Alien Dawn --- Series Regular --- Nickelodeon/Josh Crook
    Makin’ It --- Recurring --- C4Entertainment/KaCee Meeks
    Through My Eyes --- Principal --- ProInnovation/Rob Posner
    The Fantastic Two --- Guest Star --- Seth Grossman /IronBoundFilms

    BA in Liberal Arts --- Sarah Lawrence College --- Bronxville, NY
    Committed Impulse --- Josh Pais --- Sensory Work --- Karen Giordano
    Character Process --- Julia Carey --- Scene Study --- Clark Middletown
    AUDITION: Amy Jo Berman, Margaret Burns, Ted Sluberski
    VOICE: Arturo Callegari, Peter Schlosser (legit, classical, pop)
    DANCE: Modern, Jazz Salsa, and Meringue
    DIALECTS: British, Cockney, Irish, Bronx, and Southern

    SPECIAL SKILLS---- TelePrompTer, Food Styling, Kennel Technician, light dog grooming, and handling.
    Conversational French and Polish Can Drive Cube Truck, Double-Jointed (extremely flexible),Intermediate Skier (downhill and cross-country), Yoga, light stunts.

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