Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6"

Age Range: 13 - 15

Pant Size: 30 x 30 (14 - 16)

Shirt Size: 13" neck, 32" sleeve

Shoe Size: 8.5

Non Union 

Vocal Range: A3 - C5 (Alto)



Jackson C.

  • FILM


    The Goldfinch                                       Background                              John Crowley/Warner Bros./Amazon

    The Group Date                                    Lead (Alex)                                John Lamberti/Student Short Film


    Reigning on You                                    Supporting (Jacob)                    Ara Duda/Independent Film





    Seussical                                              The Cat in the Hat                     UD Community Music School


    The Juniper Tree                                   Son/Juniper Bird (Principal)     UD Opera Theatre
    an Opera by Phillip Glass/Robert Moran





    GIANT Grocery/Pharmacy                     Principal (Son)                          Viscul Creative





    Acting Class                                          Stephen Pelinski                       University of Delaware REP


    Voice Lessons                                       Marian Johnson-Healy              MJH Voice Studio, Delaware


    Scene Study Class                                 Lee Irving                                 GEM Studios


    Percussion Study                                  Chris Hogan                              UD Community Music School


    School Band/Chorus                             Nick Ronaghan                         Dickinson MYP


    UD Children’s Choir                              Debbie Arnold                           University of Delaware




    Singing; percussion; athletic – baseball, ice hockey/skating, soccer, track and field, cross country, swimming, skateboard, bicycle; character voices; physical comedy; accents/impressions; passport; well-traveled; 3.75 GPA; environmental allergies; loves animals and conservation; video games

I.T.S. Models and Talent

313 West Liberty Street Suite 356

Lancaster, PA 17603

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