Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'9"

Age Range: 24 - 35

Weight: 145

Clothing Size: Small/Medium

Shoe Size: 8.5

Vocal Range: Tenor

Non Union 


Jeff R.



         Timelapse (Feature)

    Terrence (jerk, best friend – supporting)

    Messiah Entertainment

         True Crime with Aphrodite Jones (Episodic)

    Tim (concerned brother of victim - featured)

    Investigation Discovery

         On the Case with Paula Zahn (Episodic)

    Perp (convicted kidnapper/rapist - featured)

    Investigation Discovery

         Goodbye (Short Film)

    Matt (romantic lead – principal)

    Charles Storck

         Red Rose (Short Film)

    Robert Reed (torture victim – supporting)

    Film Cloud Studio

         Yo Taxi! (Episodic)

    Ron (stuttering coke addict – featured)


         Joe, You’re Fired (Web Series)

    Lance (stoner best friend – featured)

    Visionary Minds Productions




         The Pillowman

    Katurian (macabre writer)

    Black Box Studios


         Lisa Kron’s The Verizon Play (Reading)

    Bryce (goofy Brooklyn hipster)

    Director Anne Kaufman


         The Life and Times of Lee Harvey Oswald

    Lee Harvey Oswald (troubled assassin)

    La MaMa ETC


         Much Ado About Nothing/Antigone (in rep.)

    Don Pedro/Haemon (noble prince/rebel son)

    SI Shakespearean Theater Co.


         Indian Ink

    Eric Swan/Resident (British army officer)

    Director Patrick Mulryan



    Zvezdich (lovesick, aristocratic prince)

    String Orchestra of Brooklyn


         The Merry Wives of Windsor

    Dr. Caius (bad tempered, French doctor)

    Stag & Lion Theater Co.


         Street Scene

    Officer Harry Murphy (NYC Police Officer)

    Brave New World Rep.


         The Last White Family on Dorchester Road

    Willy Provenzano (ghetto ex-junkie)

    Dorothy Strelsin Theater

         Secrets of Columbine

    Pastor Dave McPherson (caring, local pastor)

    The Children’s Acting Company


    Kris (mental patient)

    Open Hydrant Theater Company

         You Belong with Me Because You’re So…

    Alfred Davis (catty, effeminate  ex-boyfriend)

    Fringe NYC




         Scene Study

    Alaine Alldaffer

    One on One Studios, NY


    Tim Carrington

    London Dramatic Academy, UK


    Michael Winter

    London Dramatic Academy, UK


    Danielle Liccardo

    Group Coaching, NJ


    Chris Ceraso

    Group Coaching, NJ


    Catherine Mueller

    Group Coaching, NJ


    Robin Christian-McNair

    Group Coaching, NJ

    SPECIAL SKILLS / ABILITIES  Dialects (British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, German, French, Brooklyn, Southern, Australian, Russian),                 Piano, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Singing (Tenor), swimming, biking, Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt), Boy Scouts, driver’s license, coloboma in both eyes

I.T.S. Models and Talent

313 West Liberty Street Suite 356

Lancaster, PA 17603

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