Jordyn G.

Jordyn G.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'1"

Age Range: 13  - 17

Clothing Size:

Shoe Size:

Non Union 

Hair: Light Brown                                                                                  Clothing Size: 2

Eye Color: Hazel                                                                                    Shoe Size: 7

Age Range: 13-17                                                                                 

Height: 5’1”                                                                                          

Weight: 100lbs.            





“Purple Cape”                                       high school student                   Drexel University

“Ad Meliora”                                        sick high school student            Drexel University

“Identical”                                            high school student                   NYU





Disney’s “Raven’s Home” Workshop                             Michael Feldman                      New York, NY

Acting for the Camera (Commercial and TV Film)          Therese Walden Murphy           West Chester, PA

Improvisation                                                               Therese Walden Murphy           West Chester, PA

Monologue Work                                                          Therese Walden Murphy           West Chester, PA

Professional Youth Program                                          Therese Walden Murphy           West Chester, PA

Teen Acting Class- Uptown Performing Arts                  Therese Walden Murphy           West Chester, PA



electric guitar & saxaphone player, skate boarding, horseback riding, rollerblading, ice/roller skating, cheerleading, gymnast, rides bikes and scooters, artist (oils, acrylics, charcoal, drawing), great with animals, plays video games, children’s party hostess, competitive cupcake baker (competed in Cupcake Wars). Member of: Ski Club, Student Council, Drama Club