Lana A.

Lana A.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120lbs

Age Range: 19 - 27

Clothing Size: 2

Shoe Size: 7

Vocal: Soprano 

Non Union 


Chain of Evidence Sarah (Principal) Steven Schmidt
Baby Shoes Never Worn Woman (Supporting) Afonso J Henrique
Solo Michelle (Principal) Daryl Denner
A Cop-Doc Adventure Ethyl (Principal) Victor Verhaeghe
Priceless Elizabeth (Supporting) Victor Verhaeghe
Berlin Wall Helena (Principal) Walter H. Blum
The Concert Diana (Supporting) Minu Park

Ageless Male Tonight Wife Avalanche Creative Services
Good Morning NY Model FOX 5 News
Stein Mart Model Broadcast Production
Clear Bra Model Boonton NJ

Bell, Book and Candle Gillian The Bridge Theatre (NY)
Proof Catherine The Bridge Theatre (NY)
Parallel Lives Being One The Bridge Theatre (NY)
The Devil Bekkanko Yuki Uta von Funke Theater
Puss in Boots Princess Uta von Funke Theater

On-Camera Technique Eric Reis Shetler Studios
Weekend Intensive Bob Krakower 3929 Studios
On-Camera Technique, Ex-Er Actor Carl Ford, Omar Salmon Susan Batson Studio
On-Camera Vance Barber The Freeman Studio
On-Camera Audition Technique Dave Bobb The Players Theatre
On-Camera Audition II K. Lorrel Manning The Barrow Group
Improv Basics Carrie McCrossen UCB Theater
6-Week Intensive: Scene Study, Improv, Seth Barrish, Lee Brock The Barrow Group
Voice, Clown, Stage Combat, Monologue,
Audition Technique, Script Analysis
On-Camera Audition Victor Verhaeghe The Acting Studio
Monologue Workshop Karen Kohlhaas Atlantic Theatre Co.
Acting With Camera 3 Sam Groom HB Studio

Languages: Fluent in German and Russian, proficient in French
Sports: Rhythmic Gymnastics, Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving, Tennis
Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern
Other: Graphic Design, Green Card, EU Passport, Driver’s License