Leah M.

Leah M.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'3"

Age Range: 33 - 40

Size: 2

Shoe: 6

Non Union

Vocal Range: Alto

FILM Corky and Bob Get a Job Roberta Crank It Up Productions Ernie and Ace's Wild Ventura Mamma Crank It Up Productions Mount Joy Extra Indie City Films TELEVISION State Plate Amish Woman Inspire Network Her Story: Johnson and Welles Mary Welles Ocean State Video COMMERCIAL Perdue Background Assembly Films Diamond Wealth Advisers 30 Something Rutan Productions Mr. Green Gutter Clean Neighbor Fox 43 Game Center Cashier Crank It Up Productions Dominion Pest Control Sarge's Wife Tango Productions Modeling Frigidaire Hand-Modeling Shadowlight Group THEATER Missing, Believed Married Carol Lefever Rainbow Comedy Playhouse Clams Casino Shell Entourage Entertainment Godspell Gilmer Backstage Productions Tom Sawyer Amy Harbison First stage Theater EDUCATION & TRAINING B. S. Communications and Theater '03 Tony Elliot, Dean Millersville University Voice Rob McWherter Pennsylvania Academy of Music Improvisation Camilla Schadd Fulton Opera House Broadway Jazz Kristie Bateman Encore Dance Center SPECIAL SKILLS / ABILITIES Juggling (balls and clubs), writing/blogging (minored in Print Media), Costuming (dresser for American Music Theater and Sight and Sound Theater), Various Accents (high British, Southern, New York), McKelvey Productions youtube channel