Madison C.

Madison C.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 115lbs

Age Range: 15 - 18

Clothing Size: 2 - 4

Shoe Size: 9

Vocal: Soprano 

Non Union 


Willy Wonka Jr. OompaLoompa#5 Kogod Theater Peter Pan jr. Lyria/Atina Dance Theater EDUCATION & TRAINING Hip-Hop/Ballet Ms.Stacy Odenton, MD Intensive Musical Theater Class Ms. Emma Hyattsville, MD Ballet/Jazz Ms. Leah Bowie, MD Hip-Hop Ms. Stacy Odenton, MD Piano Classes Mr. Hall Bowie, MD Vocal Lessons Ms. Jasmine Bowie, MD Vocal Workshop Ms. Emma Hyattsville, MD Comedy Improv Mr. David Hyattsville, MD Acting Classes Mr. David Hyattsville, MD

SPECIAL SKILLS / ABILITIES -Can play the piano, Read Music, -Good at Makeup -Great at Belting and Musical Theater Songs - Knows Decent Amount of Spanish - Has A Military ID