Marcin P.

Marcin P.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'2"

Age Range: 28 - 35

Clothing Size: 42L - 34 x 32

Shoe Size: 12





Buck Run                                                            Supporting                                           Intuition Films

Mount Joy                                                          Supporting                                           Indie City Films

Animosity                                                           Lead                                                     Laika Come Home Ltd.

Abandoned in the Dark                                      Supporting                                           Cover 3 Productions

Broken Side of Time                                           Supporting                                           WWWT Films, Gorman Bechard

Behind the Mirror                                              Supporting                                           Cyprian Films

Love in a Coffee Shop                                         Lead                                                     Oh Well Prod, Lordi Films

House of Another                                               Supporting                                           Illium Pictures

Cocks of the Walk                               Supporting                                           Caccioppoli Creative Group

Roses on the Lawn (short)                                  Lead                                                     Treo Pictures

Allegheny Creek (short)                                     Lead                                                     Sen3Productions

A Fine Line (short)                              Lead                                                     Sen3Productions




Gotham- Ep. 116                                                Co-Star                                                Fox, Jeffrey Hunt

The Blacklist- Ep. 322                                        Co-Star                                                NBC, Michael Dinner

RedRum (fully scripted)- Ep. 309                       Guest Star                                            Discovery ID





The Changing Room                                          Bryan Atkinson                                   Gloria Maddox, Terry Schreiber




Acting Intensives                                                Robert Verlaque                                  T. Schreiber Studios

Scene Study                                                        Peter Jensen                                        T. Schreiber Studios

Dialect & Voice                                                  Page Clements                                     T. Schreiber Studios

Improv- Full Program Completed                      Various                                                Upright Citizens Brigade




    New York, Chicago, Philly, Pittsburgh,  Baltimore, Boston Local.  Passport.

-Western Horseback, very good rock climber, expert soccer, very good at golf, stick shift, & motorcycle-8yr

    Secondary Language: Fluent in Polish Additional Dialects: British North Country, Russian, Southern

*Nominated Best Supporting Actor-Northeast Film Festival. Best Feature Film Awards- Manhattan International, Mexico International, Philadelphia Independent, Buffalo Dreams, & Northeast Film Fest


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