Matt T.

Matt T.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown 

Height: 6'

Age Range: 29 - 39

Pants: 33 x 30

Shirt: Large

Suit: 40R

Shoe Size: 12

Non Union 

FILM Once Upon a Time in Kensington Detective Gabriel Bennet Oh Capital Productions War Within Private Bradley Oh Capital Productions The Lizardmen of Allentown Detective/Lizardman Pigeontown Productions Cubicle Cowboy The Boss Colourpuzzle Productions Taking A Gamble Melvin Hasknell Colourpuzzle Productions An Off Centered Film The Director Philm It Productions Symbiosis Eric Philm It Productions Hammerhead DeFalco Philm It Productions Party Snatchers Officer Friendly ClockBox Productions Moving On The Moderator Legacy Lens Productions The Irishman Union Delegate Netflix

TELEVISION Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History Florence Guard CNN Ronald Milgrim Party Guest Netflix Billions AUSA Showtime Elementary CSU Tech CBS Pose Museum Employee FX

COMMERCIAL Hershey Baking Products Dad JPL Productions Venezia Hiring Spot Worker ClockBox Productions Comcast Xfinity Man N/A Sheetz Customer Glass Entertainment Group

THEATER Accidental Death of an Anarchist Maniac (Lead) Montgomery County Com. College Picasso at the Lapin Agile Freddy Montgomery County Com. College Kimberly Akimbo Jeff McCraken The Stagecrafters Flaming Idiots Officer Task Town & Country Players Good People Stevie Grimes The Stagecrafters Lie, Cheat, & Genuflect Billy Buckle The Stagecrafters The Mousetrap Christopher Wren The Stagecrafters Trouble In Mind Eddie Fenton The Stagecrafters Boeing Boeing Robert (Lead) Town & Country Players Melancholy Play Frank Old Academy Players

EDUCATION & TRAINING School For Film and Television Meisner I and II John Tyrell Montgomery County Com. College Acting I & II Marilyn Shanok & Mike Whistler Montgomery County Com. College Acting for Shakespeare Jared Reed & Andrew Borthwick-Leslie Mike Lemon Casting The Basics of Acting Melanie Forchetti Mike Lemon Casting Improv Workshop Sharon Gellar Mike Lemon Casting Acting for Commercials & Industrials Keith Strunk

SPECIAL SKILLS / ABILITIES Accents (British, Boston, Southern), “Facial Juggling”, Drivers License, Passport, Prat-falls