Sugey C.

Sugey C.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'3"

Age Range: 27 - 40

Size: 4

Shoe: 8

Non Union





Sesame Place                                        Mother                                                            CCFC

Be Balanced Centers                             Junior Associate                                                           Make Studios

Issacs Commercial                                “Finch”                                                           aideM Media Solutions


The United States of Autism                  Cast & Producer                                                  Self

For Mom                                              Actress; Camera                                                   Vidjam Horror Festival

The Spider                                           Audio                                                                   Vidjam Horror Festival

Calf Rope                                             Production Assistant; Extra                                  Dadley Productions

  Chuck Smith 2                                      Actress                                                                 Crazy J. Productions

  Look Up                                                Actress                                                                 Christopher Aumen

  Audition                                               Brittany                                                                Olyvia Bollin



   “A Christmas Carol”                               Actress; Dancer                                                   Vocal Production Studios                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Voice Lessons                                       Vocal Production Studios                                                            2019

Acting Workshop                                   Bradley Hawkins                                               1 year

Franklin & Marshall College                  Theatre, Dance & Film Minor                                                           College






Runway                                               Iconic Fashion Show                                                           Summer 2018


Female Wired Magazine                         Inside Cover Model                                                            Spring 2018


Kreativ Magazine                                  Feature Story Model                                                            Winter 2018


Runway                                                VeloCity Fashion Show                                       Fall 2018


   In House Model/Parner                     Fox and Crow Studios                                    Fall 2018-Present



Fluent Spanish, Film Producer, Director, Juris Doctorate, Familiar with Law, B.A. History and Government, Cosplay, Theater-Dance-Film Minor, Produced “The United States of Autism” (shown in over 40 states and 50 countries and was nominated for Oscar Qualification), Passport, English tutor,

President of Tommy Foundation for Autism and Related Conditions, Member of Strange Visions Productions.

I.T.S. Models and Talent

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