Trina L.

Trina L.

Hair: brown

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'7"

Age Range: 46 - 52


Let the Church say Amen --- Associate Pastor (featured) --- BET Original Films, Regina King, Director
Aaavocado (short) --- Manager (Principal) --- Goddess Films, Demetrea Trianatifillidas, Director
Crushed Ambition --- Mother (Principal) --- Vegas Productions Inc.
National Treasure: Book of Secrets --- Capitol Police Officer --- Walt Disney Pictures, Jon Turteltaub, Director
National Treasure --- Capitol Police Officer --- Walt Disney Pictures, Jon Turteltaub, Director
Black’s Law --- Attorney (Principal) --- Hodge Productions Inc., Michael Hodge, Director
Drumline --- Wife of A&T Dean(featured) --- Fox 2000 Productions, Charles Stone, Director

Lincoln --- Nancy Bushrod (Principal) --- The History Channel, Vikram Jayanti, Director
Something the Lord Made --- 1930’s Mother/ Pedestrian --- HBO Television, Peter Silverman, Director
Vivien --- Mother (Principal) --- Wanafilms Inc., Jamal Lewis, Director
To Sleep with Anger --- Suzie (Principal) --- Howard University Communications Department
The District (Family Values) --- Police Officer (Principal) --- CBS Broadcasting, Blake T. Evans, Director
The Wire --- Lawyer --- HBO Television, Ed Bianchi, Director

Whatever Happen to Black Love --- Eleanor Banks --- Reid Temple, Glenn Dale, MD
The Window King --- Victoria Robles --- Bonifant Stage, Silver Springs, MD
Pardon the Musical --- Deaconess Helen --- THEARC Theatre, Washington D.C.
“Church Girl” Stage Play --- Nurse (Ensemble Cast) --- Warner Theatre, Washington D.C.
A Taste of Theater --- Southern Belle --- H Street Playhouse Washington D.C.

American Cancer Society --- Wife (Principal) --- Park Studio Production
AHRQ Patient Perspective PSA --- Doctor (Principal) --- Media Force PR
2008 DNC After Party News --- Reporter (Principal) --- TV One Network
Partnership in Quality Care --- Nurse (Principal) --- Renegade Studios
United Way 2007 --- Patient (Principal) --- Castle Gate Media
PSA --- Patient (Principal) --- Cage Rehabilitation Corp.

Women’s Health Forecast --- Medical Professional (Print) --- CDC
ACS Act Now, Not Later --- Patient (Print) --- American Cancer Society
Amtrak Family --- Passenger (Print) --- Image One Productions
Veterans Administration --- Nursing Instructor (Print) --- Veterans Administration Nursing Program
Pep Boys Automotive --- Customer (Print) --- Pep Boys Publications
Healthy Living --- Cover April 2003 (Print) --- National Cancer Institute

American Cancer Society --- Wife / Caregiver --- Park Studio Productions
INOVA “System” Campaign --- Wife --- Clean Cut Studios

--- Acting Workshop with Tom Todoroff
--- Dramatizing the Script with Professor Emeritus Vera J. Katz
--- Cold Reading Techniques and Private Coaching with Professor Emeritus Vera J. Katz
--- Improvisation & Stanislavski Techniques with Denise J. Hart
--- Actor’s Movement for the Stage with Jeannie Feeney
On Camera Training:
--- 6 Week On Camera Training Course with Brenna McDonough
--- Tele Prompter and Ear Prompter Training with David DeBoy
--- On Camera Training Workshop with Cynthia Stilwell
--- Commercial Acting with Roz Terry