Vincent B.

Vincent B.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'1"

Age range: 20 - 34

Clothing: XL - 2XLG

Shoe: 12

Vocal Range: Baritone

Non Union 



Baltimore Chicks Prez (Lead) Youtube

Guilt’s Visitor Nathan (Lead) DMV Local




For my man Latoris (Lead) TVONE

Criminals at Work Detective BET

Copycat Killers Homeless guy Reelz Network

Veep Pedestrian HBO

House of Cards Reporter Netflix




Volkswagen pink beetle Runner Web

ESPN/ Duracell Santas Green Santa (Lead) ESPN

Terro: There’s a Better Way Male Date Yuotube




Good kids Landen (Lead) Capital Fridge


EDUCATION & TRAINING Method Acting 101 Vernon O Williams Baltimore SPECIAL SKILLS / ABILITIES Former College Football Athlete, Basketball Athlete, Tenor in Chorus, Teacher, Coach

I.T.S. Models and Talent

313 West Liberty Street Suite 356

Lancaster, PA 17603

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