Yoko H.

Yoko H.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 98lbs

Age Range: 40 - 49

Clothing Size: 0

Shoe Size: 7

Vocal: Soprano



The Blessing Mrs. Chin Paper Frame Productions Bashira Professor Rei Bashira The Hunter’s Anthology Mooni Ugly Productions Mrs. Cho Mrs. Cho Veronique Films Maki Woman 1 Ugly Productions The Gig Connie Dir. Zach Worden Uncanning Cynthia Dir. Steven Brickhouse Tiger Girl #4, Mother Dir. Connie Chung Poison Berry Carol Dir. Alice Cox


Oscar Health Beth Wood Grain Films Flatrate.com Mother

THEATER Grudgical The Musical Kayako Saeki Open Bar Theatricals I am a Moon Mei Columbia MFA Play Festival Tomb Tone China Mary Moosehall Theater Company Shogun Macbeth Fleance, Gentle Woman Pan Asian Repertory Theatre The Secret of Osono Yosuke Pan Asian Repertory Theatre Tea Setsuko Banks E. Phoenix Idealis


cting Tony Greco NYC Shakespeare Shakespeare & Company NYC Voice The Linklater Center NYC Clown Virginia Scott NYC Vocal Kamal Scott


Native Japanese Speaker, Conversational Korean, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Bartending (mix drinks), Bowling

I.T.S. Models and Talent

313 West Liberty Street Suite 356

Lancaster, PA 17603

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